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Artist: Da Vinci's Notebook
Track Name: "Title of the Song"
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Da Vinci’s Notebook – Title of the Song

"No, no, no." He grinned. "I meant Jack and Harley. I'm killing her too. I got the most terrible news that "gasp" She'd rather be with him."

"Mm…hmm." The Joker tilted his head, eyebrows pulled together as he processed this. "So… You are not only going to try and kill a version of yourself- a version of me, but you’ll be killing Harley, too?” 

Suddenly he engulfed J in a hug, pretending to sob. He took out an obnoxiously bright colored handkerchief and blew his nose loudly in it. “You’ve f-finally lost your mind! I’m so proud!”

"Actually no. Never-mind. I'm just going to kill them both."

Gloved hands went up to run his temples. “I thought that’s what we were talking about. You’re trying to kill two other Jokers, right?” 

One hand then ran down his face in frustration. “I swear, these kids will be the death of me.” The Joker took a deep breath. “Look, do you want help or not, kiddo? I’m not Superman, I can’t read minds.” 

"Ah, wait… Superman can’t do that. See? You’re driving me crazy!

"Quick! How do I kill myself? The other teenage Joker has been listening to another older Joker, and they are planning to kill me, because I stole teenage Harley back from him after I dumped Jervis, and I need to kill him!" He let out a breath of air since he hadn't taken a breath for any of that

The Joker raised an eyebrow at the kid, thinking of the numerous times they had almost killed each other, each time reaching some sort of stalemate. “We really need to work on your jokes.”

He paused for a moment, before staring slightly dumbfounded at the kid. “You’re not joking, are you?” He rolled his eyes and cracked a smile. “Alright then…”

"Well, there’s grenades, acid, knives… Don’t underestimate the power of a crowbar- I’ve had quite a bit of fun with one of those in the past. Cyanide pies are a classic…" A gloved hand tapped his white chin in thought. "Have you considered sending Harls? She’s nearly killed me more than once, you know. Might be worth a shot."

And it’s time for this Joker to retire for the night. Here’s some cats for you, Selina. I haven’t sent you many recently. There’s a surprisingly low amount of strays around here. Maybe I should stop killing them…


Harley knew he’d try to get out of spending time with her, so she came prepared. Before coming back home to greet the Joker, Harley snuck into a GCPD precinct and “Borrowed” a pair of handcuffs. 

“Okay Puddin, but can I at least get a kiss goodbye?” As he leaned in to kiss her she quickly locked his left wrist in and then her right wrist. “Ta da!!” She shouted. 

Eyes widened as the Joker heard the click, and the feel of cold metal to his wrist. “Harley, did you just…” He raised his arm, and hers followed. Slowly a wide smile spread across his face, though there was a rage in his eyes as he thought about how she would pay for this.

"I don’t suppose you happen to get the key off of the cop you lifted these from?” Both of his hands clenched into tight fists, itching to follow out on his current thoughts. His jaws were locked tightly in a smile, and it was all he could do to not attack her right there.

(Source: herestocrime)

She snickered, bowing deeply in a playful manner at the clown. So far this was going well. "My name's Emma, Clownie." And it was, it wasn't a lie. It was her name as a girl, and it was the utmost truth. "Emma Candey."

"Emma Candey, hmm? Odd. I’ve never heard of you before. You’d think some girl throwing phallic-shaped suckers at people would catch my attention." The Joker was really curious as to how she managed to break in to his hide out, but then again it wasn’t a fortress or anything. He practically left the door open for the bat- no fun if he couldn’t swoop in unannounced. 

"And to what do I owe this… amusing surprise?” Black eyes looked her over more carefully, no doubt entertaining his dark imagination.

Her face flushed, her fists balling. "I don't carry them with me, stupid. Today they just came in handy."

"Y’know… you remind me of someone that I find quite distasteful.” The Joker grinned, walking up to the girl with a little skip in his step. She had definitely peaked his curiosity- but the question here was to see if she was who he had in mind. “What’s your name, lollipop-girl?” He teased, closing the distance between them quickly now.

The now magicked into a girl ST throws a penis shaped sucker at the Joker's head, stomping a foot. "FUCK YOU!"

The Joker was fortunate enough to duck in time, looking back with narrowed eyes. He tilted his head a little, and opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again after a few moments. One gloved hand pointed at the sucker, and then eyes followed to the girl, as if not believing what just happened.

"You just carry those around with you?" He asked finally with a little snicker, trying to hold back a loud burst of laughter in case he would need to act quickly again. He had an idea of who this was, but he couldn’t exactly be sure.